Car seats

  • rava AU
  • caviar
  • caviar
  • caviar
  • rava AU TM

    It’s uncomplicated and un-fussy. Our RAVA convertible car seat is filled with extras like 2D growth™ system, five recline positions and side impact protection.

    So you can relax and enjoy every magical, messy, covered-with crumbs moment.
  • KLIK TM plus

    Style and safety should never have to be sacrificed. Thanks to our clever and fashionable infant car seat KLIK plus, both of these essentials are combined, providing ultimate comfort and protection for little lives, every which way you decide to take them.

    Here's to making their first outing a world debut.
  • aace TM

    From cute pre-schooler to independent pre-teen. It’s the longest and shortest time, and AACE grows right along with your child.

    The customizable side impact protection pods and belt path indicators make riding super secure. They’ll enjoy wearing a seatbelt just like you do. And you’ll be happy because you know they’re safe. And comfy. When you have an adjustable headrest, and an extendible, expandable seat with eight recline positions, how could they not be?