From can’t-talk to won’t-listen

Now there’s Nuna for every age and need

From can’t-talk to won’t-listen, your kids are protected with gear that’s easy to install, elegantly simple and exceptionally safe. Our well-loved PIPA infant seat, our new PIPA lite series infant seats, RAVA convertible, and AACE booster are sleek, simple and crafted to keep kids comfy and protected as they grow-from their first ride until they are no longer needed. So you can relax and enjoy every magical, messy, covered-with-crumbs moment.

Pick your perfect

  • PIPA lite lx infant seat

    4–32 lbs, up to 32 in

    True lock™ base installation

    Merino wool and TENCEL™ lyocell fiber blend

    Dream drape™ for extra protection

    Aeroflex™ foam

  • PIPA lite infant seat

    4–32 lbs, up to 32 in

    True lock™ base installation

    The lightest infant car seat

    Aeroflex™ foam

  • PIPA infant seat

    4–32 lbs, up to 32 in

    True lock™ base installation

    5 second install

    Dream drape™ for extra protection

  • RAVA convertible

    Rear facing: 5 - 50 lbs
    Forward facing: 25 - 65 lbs

    Simply™ secure installation

    Bubble-free, hassle-free, muscle-free set up

    Simply switch riding modes

  • AACE booster

    High back: 40 - 110 lbs
    No back: 50 - 120 lbs

    3D growth™ system

    Converts from a high back to a no back booster

    Customizable recline

Kids grow, so we do too

The Nuna family of riding gear is growing as fast as well, kids. It’s sleek, simple and Dutch designed to exceed American safety standards.

Take a test ride below.

Take a test ride

  • PIPA lite lx features video

  • PIPA lite features video

  • PIPA features video

  • RAVA features video

  • AACE features video

Car seat headquarters

To help navigate through all of your family's journeys, our safety experts have carefully curated and compiled videos, FAQs and everything in between so that that you can focus on the road ahead—knowing what’s riding behind you is safe and sound.

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