Nuna is a collection of smart baby gear inspired by Dutch designers. Engineered with extreme endurance testing and thoughtful innovation, our simple products take some of the work out of being a new parent, leaving plenty of time to enjoy being a new parent.

We enjoy a close relationship with a network of successful retailers who share our vision of life with baby, our commitment to safety and our love of clever design throughout the United States.

The products listed below contain patents held by Nuna Baby Essentials, Inc.

This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).


IVVI™: D612764 S, D737733 S, 8448308B2, 9067613 B2, 9200746 B2

MIXX™: 9067613 B2, 9327750 B2

TAVO™: 9067613 B2, 9174661 B2

PEPP™: D612764S, 8083240B2, 8448308B2, 8550478B2, 8844096 B2

PIPA™ series: D681231S, 8998312 B2

RAVA™: 9758067 B2, 9873359 

AACE™: Patent pending

LEAF™ series: D611257 S, D651817 S, D689721 S, D771596 S, 8419132 B2, 8740306 B2, 9743779 B2

SENA™ series: 7458115 B2, 7770245 B2, 7930776 B2, 9345339 B2, 9770118 B2

ZAAZ™: D603175S, 8408650, 8448308B2